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Turnover knives, profile knives for the most common cutterheads with bore for jointing, rabbeting,chamfering, grooving, panel raising, edge rounding and for cutting of counterprofiles as well as for shank-type cutters with exchangeable knives, scrapers, planing cutterheads (e.g. Tersa, Weinig Centrolock).

In the woodworking and furniture sector LEUCO is the tool manufacturer offering the greatest variety of cutting materials for knives. The wide range of cutting materials guarantees the best solution for each application, regardless of whether you cut wet or fibrous soft woods, hard woods, wood-based panels or composite materials.



  • Tungsten carbide cutting materials with the LEUCO name "HL Solid" are very tough and thus most suitable for solid wood manufacturing,
  • "HL Board" tungsten carbide cutting materials are very wear-resistant and are applied for the manufacturing of wood-based panels.


Sep 29, 2021
Turnover Knives, Inserts, Knives
LEUCO review, LIGNA.Innovation Network 2021

May 15, 2013
Turnover Knives, Inserts, Knives
LEUCO is granted the Innovation Award at the LIGNA