Grayscale effect images on the CNC with the LEUCO relief image cutter

Cutting principle
Cutting principle

LEUCO relief image cutters
LEUCO relief image cutters

Relief image technology is a computer-supported process for transferring image information to plate materials by means of CNC cutting technology, e.g. with the Pic2Plate light-reflex-gravure software from LettnerWorx.

The diamond-tipped LEUCO relief image cutter is ideal tool for V-groove cuts on CNC machines in the widest variety of materials.


Design and Advantages

  • DP cutting material: very long edge lives particularly in hard panel materials

  • LEUCO topline design: optimal cutting quality through specialized blade preparation

  • Resharpening area 2 mm; resharpenable multiple times, very long tool life

  • Detailed info on the LEUCO relief image cutter in the LEUCO online catalog

Optimal performance is achieved by using the cutter in highly precise clamping elements.

LEUCO recommends:

Usage recommendations

Guidelines for feedrate in dependence on RPM and plate material used. The specified values are considered to be guideline values.


  • HPL compact plates: RPM 18.00 = feed 5 m/min, RPM 24.000 = feed 7 m/min
  • CDF (Compact Density Fibreboard): RPM 18.00 = feed 6 m/min, RPM 24.000 = feed 8 m/min
  • MDF melamine-laminated: RPM 18.00 = feed 7 m/min, RPM 24.000 = feed 10 m/min



For the best possible cutting result when processing on console table machines:
 Ensure maximum possible fastening of the plates with a sufficient number of suckers, identical sucker heights, clean sucker surfaces, also using aluminum suckers as applicable.