LIGNA.Innovation Network - LEUCO will be there from 27 to 29 September 2021

Simply click from the comfort of your home on the exhibitor page of LEUCO.

Exciting tool innovations for your industry:

Sawing/planing/tine mills: innovative tine cutter solutions that will increase the output of your finger jointing line.

Wood construction and solid wood processors: "LEUCO t3-System" is the patent-pending cutter head for your CNC for tear-free jointing and rebating without rework, even with high chip volumes.

Panel machining in throughfeed: the new "synchronously adjustable joining cutter" is the most economical solution on the market for processors of large quantities of uniform materials.

Make CNC machining easier: the new assembly aids speed up tool changes and the tips for nesting solid core boards help you achieve clean edges and long tool life without time-consuming test phases.

New for woodworking stores with a mix of materials: the diamond-tipped "DIAREX HR" saw blade achieves excellent cutting quality on fiber-reinforced plastics up to 20 mm and a 10 to 50 times longer tool life.

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Our Tip: LEUCO live stream on September 27/28.

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We look forward to networking with you!

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