Flooring is like the "Formula 1"

Maximum performance and highest precision at any time, chose the best crew in your team!

In hardly any other field through-feed speed and edge lives are exceeded with high quality standards for the end product being kept.

For the flooring manufacturer the tool specialist is the most important contact partner apart from the machine manufacturer. LEUCO knows the demands and the features to be adapted. The crew, consisting of members of the R&D department and the engineering department, decides on cutting materials, optimizes gullets and improves tooth geometries. They synchronize RPM, tool weight, runout and concentricity and the edge or profile quality aimed at in different materials. They discuss individual demands. They coordinate interfaces to the machine such as tool adapters and dust hoods.

LEUCO is one of the few full service provider whose portfolio reaches from the gang rip saw blade for dividing middle layers to the click cutter.

LEUCO is one of the leading tool manufacturers worldwide. This is your benefit on the international scale: We guarantee the most up-to-date tools, services and technical consulting. No matter where your production site is.

  LEUCO Highlights

During the production process some key factors influence the resource consumption level, the product quality and the throughput times. LEUCO develops innovative solutions to reache the best results.

Example: production of laminate flooring; key factors for excellent quality

What are the key factors at which stage of production? What does LEUCO offer:

  • Pre-Cutter: Intelligent chip flow control for cutting with the grain
  • Profiling: individualization, precision and minimization of machine downtimes
  • Gullet design
  • Finish-Cutter: highest concentric accuracy in the industy segment
  • Panel sizing saw sawing: saw blade cutting widths > 1.5 mm, saw blade diameter up to 350 mm
  • Panel sizing saw hogger: gullet design
  • Interface: clamping element dust extraction / hoods
  • Tool organization: color coding / Kanban rack

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LEUCO competence for the whole production process:<br />consulting, planning, production, administration, service
LEUCO competence for the whole production process:
consulting, planning, production, administration, service

Flags mark the key factors for excellent quality in laminate flooring.
Flags mark the key factors for excellent quality in laminate flooring.