Tool solutions for sawmills, jointing mills and planing mills: new catalog "SW 02"

The new catalog of LEUCO "SW 02" shows at a glance

e.g. saw blades for frozen, wet or dry wood, or jointing solutions for wood chips, pellets, as well as planer and profiled cutter heads for continuous systems or finger jointin cutters for for load-bearing or non-load-bearing components as well as cutter heads, saw blades and end mills for joinery systems:


The catalogue is an extract from the general catalogue for

  • sawmills
  • joinery technology
  • door manufacturing
  • finger jointin technology
  • planing and Profiling
  • clamping systems with HSK shank for cutters with bore
  • spare parts, e.g. saw teeth, planing knives, reversible and exchangeable plates, straightening, measuring and clamping equipment


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