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186571 - High-Performance Shank-Type Cutters CM DP Nesting - Z=3+3



  • Polycrystalline diamond [DP]
  • MEC

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  • CNC routers
  • for panel sizing with Nesting-Technology
  • for jointing, rabbeting and *grooving (*negative version) in raw and laminated panels


  • with DP plunge tip
  • face cutting for diagonal plunge-cutting
  • Ø D=12+14 mm with highly stiff tool body
  • feed rates up to 25 m/min
  • resharpening area 1.6 mm
  • n max = 24,000 min-1


  • high cutting quality and high-quality cutting edges thanks to specially adapted cutting edge configuration
  • positive spiral: optimum upward chip evacuation towards the exhaustion
  • negative spiral: downward chip evacuation and cutting pressure
  • negative spiral especially for smaller or narrow workpieces and for grooving


  • clamping elements: use in high-precision clamping elements recommended (e.g. TRIBOS, ps-System)
  • with thread for length adjusting screw
  • in case of higher feed rates and thicker boards choose the higher diameter
  • adapt the cutting length to the panel thickness (H)
  • * indicate "H" in case of Nesting with protection board
Feature Value
Ø D = Cutting circle diameter 12 [mm]
L2 = Cutting width 22 [mm]
Ø d = Shank diameter 16 [mm]
L3 = Shank length 45 [mm]
L1 = Total length 75 [mm]
Z = No. of teeth 3+3
Helical direction = Helical direction positive
nmax = maximum RPM 24,000 [min-1]
H = Wood thickness 16-19 * [mm]
Resharpening area = Resharpening area 1.6 [mm]
L/R = cutting direction R
L = Delivery Status

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